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Service World Competition

Entrepreneurial thinking for service providers

Service World Competition imparts management skills in the service industry with fun! The teams compete each other for customers and proposals and have to assert themselves with new concepts and high service quality.

In this game the participants simulate the typical processes that occur within a service company. They also experience all stages of a customer project.

The main task is to carry out orders successfully. Therefore the participants also have to watch their employees: which competencies do they have? Do they fit the project? Are all employees fully stretched?

Your participants benefit from…

  • correlations between business processes become apparent
  • entrepreneurial thinking gets strenghtened
  • access to key performance indicators is given
  • the interactions between the participants supports team spirit and communication skills
  • the relevance of personnel planning is shown
  • the participants have fun and become motivated for their upcoming tasks
1-2 Days
9-24 Participants per Set

Learning Contents

  • Fundamentals of Business Administration
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Cash Flow and Liquidity
  • Actions to increase the company’s success
  • Dependencies between business units

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