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Ready, Set, Go!

Learning by Doing – Project Management and Teambuilding interactively

The simulation Ready, Set, Go! combines the topics project management and teambuilding in a fun and playful way. The participants live through a real project and gather hands-on experiences.

The most important characteristics are that the participants act practically and independently. The seminar includes all aspects from the beginning until the end of the project.

The participants discover which factors influence the success of a project. They learn more about methods, tools and system of professional project management.

Project Skills in an Entertaining Way!
Your participants gather competencies and experiences when dealing with projects. With fun and without any risk!
Strenghten your Team Spirit!
Also your participants learn more about teambuilding measures and successful teamwork.

Why Project Management Simulations?

  • Project management is not hard to understand. It is hard to put into practice. So the best way to learn is to experience the challenges within a project one one’s own
  • Simulation means that you live through real situations, but with no risk at all! This is the perfect environment for self-testing, experimenting and to improve communication skills
  • During the simulation the participants act authentically. For HR-Manager this is a great way to evaluate the behavior of the participants objectively. That’s why the simulation is also often used within assessment centers
1-2 Days
6-24 Participants per Set

Learning Contents



  • Definition of the projects
  • Project phases
  • Planning methods for complex tasks
  • Main topics of the project phases
  • Success factors involved in project work
  • Risk management
  • Typical mistakes made in project work



  • How are teams formed?
  • Which stages in team development already exist?
  • How can you solve conflicts within the team?
  • What positions do team members occupy?
  • What do the 2 different kinds of teams mean?
  • How can the performance of the team be increased?
  • How should implicit and explicit rules be created?

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