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International Know-How for Your Worldwide Trainings

We at BTI have an international network of trainers and partners grown constantly over the last 20 years. The highest quality and professionality of our services is our first priority.

Together with our partners we serve national and international projects all over the world in many different languages.

Our Partners and Trainers

IFUA Horváth & Partners

About us

IFUA Horváth & Partners Management Consultants support us in Hungary.

We believe that training is not merely a transmission of knowledge but the development of one’s skills and capabilities at the same time.

With BTI-Business Games complex issues can be understood in a simple manner.

Corporate management and performance optimization are our business… and also our passion. As an internationally sought-after management consultancy firm, we will help your company to advance strategically, consistently exploit growth potential, establish effective structures and processes, and set a course for success.


IFUA Horváth & Partners Kft.

IFUA Horváth & Partners Kft.
1119 Budapest, Fehérvári út 79.

Phone: +36-1-382-88-88

Mobile: +36-30-382-88-05


Biegner Training

About me

Michael Biegner supports us at coaching and elocution.

stands for: development – enthusiasm – success
no matter whether you need coaching at workshops or trainings or an individual personality analysis – Biegner-Training supports you at your next steps to success

Michael Biegner
is a successful national and international coach and speaker for more than 13 years.

main issues are:

  •  sales success and negotiation techniques
  • classic and agile project management
  • expertise for emotional competence

for sales and negotiation elocution.

he has working experience in various industries such as banking, automotive and many medium-sized companies.


Michael Biegner
Trainer . Speaker . Coach


Mobil +49 (0) 172 88 700 16

Training für Kommunikation und Vertrieb
Windhuker Strasse 7 . 81827 München

MetaPoint Advisory

About me

Jurgen Baumhoff (Founder & CEO) supports us in Australia and New Zealand.

Strategy, Leadership, Transformation

With 44 years hands-on and international management experience, Jurgen Baumhoff is a capable partner and consultant for economics, management and operations at the international hotel and restaurant industry.


MetaPoint Advisory

10 Rushton Court
Kardinya 6163
Perth, WA

Mobil: +61 448 633 710

Email: jurgen@metapointadvisory.com
Web: www.metapointadvisory.com

PPR Consult Wien

About me

Dr. Percival Pachta-Rayhofen supports us in Vienna, Austria.

After his law studies he first worked as a lawyer and after that many years as leading manager in the departments investment banking/ capital market business, M&A and participation business.

For more than ten years he operates as a consultant for companies and recruitment, especially

  • Executive Search

focusses lay on the service providers in the sections banking and finance as wells as professional services (lawyers and public accountants)


  • HR development, especially coaching with business games for economics


PPR Consult

Teinfaltstraße 8,  A-1010 Wien/Österreich

Phone: +43/1/8904410-242
Mobil:   +43/0/699 12170618
Email:  p.pachta-rayhofen@ppr-consult.eu
Link:    www.ppr-consult.eu

People Management e.U.

About me

Our longtime partner Mag. Evelyn Poms supports us in Graz, Austria.

People Management e.U.

People Management concerns itself with finding key men and managers for more than a decade. Their main goal is employee retention and their quick integration into the existing company structure an culture, as well as transferring know-how beyond generations. The development deepens the employee retention. The most important things are improving personal strenghts, applying methodic instruments consequently and preparing for management tasks. Finally they attend people, departments and organizations also in relation to their changes.


Mag. Evelyn Poms
People Management e.U.

A-8042 Graz, Messendorfgrund 30
Mobil: +43 664 425 47 32
Phone: +43 720 989 403

Kabelka Management Consultants

About me

Our longtime partner Mag. Ruth Kabelka supports us in Austria.

Mag. Ruth Kabelka

  • Study of business economics
  • Consultant and trainer at Kabelka Management Consultants since 1995
  • Certified organization developer and systemic coach
  • longtime working activity in educating teenagers (apprentice training), yound adults and women
  • teaching activity at professional schools, focus on: economic subjects, accounting, book keeping, commercial calculating
  • coaching activities at WIFI
  • certified business game coach


Training, Beratung, Coaching
KMC Austria
Kabelka Management Consultants
A-1180 Wien, Czartoryskigasse 39
Homepage 1: www.planspielzentrale.at
Homepage 2: www.kabelka.com
Email: rk@kabelka.com
Mobil: +43 664 42 28 800

HR Concept & Training

About me

Hanspeter Ruchti from HR CONCEPT & TRAINING GmbH supports us in Switzerland.

HR CONCEPT & TRAINING GmbH is contact person for a 360° consultance, conception and execution of BTI business games at companies or other organizations. They come along with small, medium and big conmpanies of all industries in terms of:

  • economics / business management
  • leadership
  • teams / cooperation
  • project management
  • sales / customer centricity

Their core business is to implement projects and arrangements quickly, constructively and measurable just as their clients wish. Locations at places like Bern and Eastern Switzerland guarantee customer focus. Their consultants and trainers have longtime leadership experience and language competences (D / F / I / E).


Hanspeter Ruchti
Freiestrasse 2
CH- 3097 Liebefeld / BE

Phone: +41 31 972 88 61
Mail: hanspeter.ruchti@hrconcept.ch
Web: www.hrconcept.ch


About me

CONCEPT AG has its headquarter in Stuttgart, Germany. For many years they mainly work in the sections operations and turnaround. They consult customers of the following industries: machine construction, automotive, electrical and medical engineering and many more. Furthermore CONCEPT AG intensively works on the developement of modern lean-management-strategies and implement them in medium-sized and big companies.

The Lean Academy with the business game iSPEED

Led by impulses and specific requests from the industry of medium-sized companies, CONCEPT AG built Lean Academy in order to ensure the effect of project works sustainably with aimed and company specific Lean coaching activites.


contact person for the business game iSPEED:

Mr. M.Sc. Wirtsch.-Ing. Elmar Schipp

Phone +49 (0) 174 320 65 70

Web: Concept AG: Lean Academy
Email: elmar.schipp@concept.ag

Zettachring 6,  70567 Stuttgart

Gerhard Rinck

About me

Our longtime partner Gerhard Rinck supports us in sections as project management, teambuilding, softskills, economics and management.

  • studies in business and national economics, diploma in business economics
  • technical training in communication psychology and coaching at Institut für Kommunikation (Prof. Dr. Schulz von Thun)
  • technical training in clarification aid (Dr. Christoph Thomann)
  • technichal training in business mediation at IHK-Akademie Munich-Westerham
  • accredited coach for TMSTM after Margerison/McCann
  • 40 years work exoerience at Siemens AG in various occupational fields
  • Coach at IHK-Akademie for business economic subjects
  • Certificate of Business Excellence at Controller Akademie, Gauting/Munich

Klaus Schramm

About me

Klaus Schramm supports us in the section of computer based simulations.

SCHRAMM UNTERNEHMENSBERATUNG GmbH has its headquarters in Göppingen, Germany. They support their customers at developing and implementing strategies. The main focus is on using scenario simulations based on the method System Dynamics, which has been developed at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). This method is proved pracitcally and especially appropriated in terms of analyzing various strategy options at complex environments and estimating future market and company developments.


Manfred-Wörner-Str. 115
73037 Göppingen
Tel.: 07161 / 65631-30
mail: info@schramm-beratung.de



About me

Jerzy Niewiński suppports our polish customers.

areas of expertise:

  • business simulations and strategy games
  • finance for non-economics
  • strategic thinking and processes
  • communications, presentations, elocution
  • leadership & performance
  • sales management – strategy, planning, reporting
  • coaching


Telefon +48 22 407 43 13
Email:  j.niewinski@shtraining.pl
Links: SH Training im Internet

Studio Gambera & partners Srls

About me

Studio Gambera & Partners support us in Italy.

They are a institution of experts, whose main aim it is to help companies accomplishing their change processes. Because they think that consultance needs to be accurate, they created 4 different brands:

  • Studio Gambera & Partner – they are engaged with funding, corporate planning and corporate leadership. They also provide corporate specific consultance and coaching. Furthermore they coordinate and regulate marketing activities.  
  • Prime-Solution – they help companies to manage their will to change and achieve processes of  problem solving management. Prime Solution is certified by PSMA (Problem Solving Management Association).  
  • Self Power – they help people, companies and products to define their bio-structural personality by using Structogram®.  
  • Game Training – they believe that playing is a basic knowledge instrument. They  create individual training games and projects for your company.


Studio Gambera & partners Srls – viale Antonio Gramsci 349/B – 41037 Mirandola (MO) – Italy –

Tel. e Fax: +39 0535 658931 – Mail: info@studiogambera.it – Website: www.studiogambera.it

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