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Digital Business Simulation for Academic Teaching

Online Business Management Competition – Fun to Participate and Easy to Prepare

‘ELECCTRIFY Your Students’ with online business simulation competition for financial and management know-how. Provide high-quality and interactive digital learning content for your online lectures with the competitive web based simulation ELECCTRIFY for General Management Training.

Your students learn entrepreneurial thinking and how to make business decisions – fits best for any bachelor’s or master’s degreee of Management, Finance, Economics and related studies such as Engineering, Project Management and many more. Get a real feel for digital learning!

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2020/08/07 19:30:00

Michael Gebel

Founder and CEO of BTI Business Training International GmbH with 30 years global experience of management training.

Your investment: 30 minutes. Get a closer look at the business simulation ELECCTRIFY.

Host Michael Gebel shows you how you and your students can work with the simulation tool and how to get the competition started.

Get a look and feel of the online simulation and ask your questions. See you there!

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    Smart & Easy – Get Your Business Management Lectures Digital

    • No downloads required

      ELECCTRIFY is a web-based business simulation so everything is set up real quick and easy.

    • Your students learn CEO thinking

      For more than 20 years we deal with teaching entrepreneurial thinking in a fun and interactive way. We provide high quality training material for universities.

    • Get your individual Campus License

      ELECCTRIFY is easy to perform with a large number of students. With our Campus License also students from other curriculae can take part.

    business schools worldwide
    years of experience

    Making Business Decisions within a Fun and Interactive Simulation

    Hands-on Knowledge in Finance & Business Acumen


    ELECCTRIFY is a business competition and each group wants to win.

    Decisions to be made: prices, marketing, staff, cost, production volume, product portfolio, carbon footprint etc. Your students easily will see how the decisions affect their business results.

    In order to develop business strategies concepts to learn within ELECCTIRFY are: P&L Account, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Financial KPI’s, Financial Statement and many more.

    How to Work With the Simulation?


    Your students are working all digitally and collaboratively. Small groups of 1-5 students each represent a company. They compete against the other teams within the web-based simulation. Your students recognize the impact of communication and teamwork to business success.

    How can you run the simulation? We do it for you, full service provided. Or you do ist, we train you in 4 hours how to use the simulation. ELECCTRIFY easy to prepare and fun to participate. Let’s get started!

    How long does it take? ELECCTRIFY always fits your lecture plan – flexible schedules from 1 day Live-Coaching up to 3 months Global Competition, we set up everything for you.

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    Get a real feel for it! We offer free Live-Webinars every Friday. Our CEO Michael Gebel gives you a short introduction to the online simulation tool and shows you how to implement the training into your online lecture. Ask your questions and get a closer look!

    Get Information Brochure

    You don’t know if ELECCTRIFY is the right tool for your online lecture yet? Find out more at our detailed information brochure. There you will find many facts what the simulation training is about and how your students will benefit from the interactive approach of business simulations for academic teaching.

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