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The Business Simulation Hotel Manager

Next Level Management Skills in the Hospitality Industry

The simulation Hotel Manager allows the participants to play the role of a top management team in a hospitality industry faced with the common challenges of this branch.

This simulation shows business processes in a simplified way.

During the simulation set up the participants will discover the relationship between capital invested and “assets at work”. 

Walking through the various cost and profit centers of a hotel operation, the participants will learn about the connection between their daily work and profit/loss.

What your participants learn

  • Strengthening of entrepreneurial thinking
  • Teaching participants the general and hotel specific management ratios
  • Make participants understand fundamental financial and management skills
  • Motivate to bring up ideas for improvements in the company
  • Communicate different strategies which lead to better results

Target groups

  • Managers and employees in the hospitality industry
  • New employees and trainees
  • Students who focus on hospitality
1-2 Days
9-24 Participants per Set

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