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Global Strategy

The General Management Simulation

Global Strategy is an intensive General Management Simulation. The main task is to develop a strategy in order to lead a company to success.

During the game the participants work in samll groups. The groups compete against each other for customers, markets and resources. An exciting competition arises.

The participants make decisions regarding production, sales, investments and products. They immediately experience the effects of their strategic and financial decisions. With these practical experiences the participants discover the daily tasks of a manager and learn more about the control levers of business success!

Your participants benefit from

  • Reinforces the entrepreneurial thinking in a global environment
  • The participants experience the impact of strategic management on the success
  • The participants get know the influencing factors for growth, sales, product development, production and finance
  • The participants learn to keep an eye on the whole company making decisions
2-3 Days
9-24 Participants per Set

Learning Contents

The simulation shows the correlations within a company including how capital resources flow through the company and how important it is to have a good plan of one’s liquidity and solid investment-plans. Global Strategy also reveals how research and development, marketing and sales are connected. Therefore the participants will find answers to following questions:

  • Into which markets do we want to sell our products?
  • Which new products must be developed?
  • Which manufacturing technology should be acquired?
  • How do we work together with our suppliers?
  • How do you price your products?
  • How should the growth be financed?

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