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The Business Simulation Food & Beverage Manager

Discover Management Basics in the Catering Industry

Food & Beverage Professional simulates typical processes in a franchise company and shows the participants how to improve the company’s profitability.

The participants learn about the important revenue areas as well as financial indicators and investment strategies. The business game combines theoretical input with hands-on experiences so the participants are able to apply everything they learn immediately.

Furthermore they experience typical issues of the gastronomy industry such as customer satisfaction, market positioning and capacity ratio. The participants make various decisions in order to find new ways to improve their business results. They also learn how to implement the measures successfully.


What your participants benefit from…

  • The business game combines business administration basics with specific processes of the catering industry  
  • The relations and dependencies between different fields and departments become clear
  • The participants learn interactively and work together in groups – a great way to strenghten the team spirit
  • The participants have fun and get motivated to meet new challenges of their daily work

Target groups

  • Founders, Employees and Professionals of the catering industry
  • New employees and trainees
  • Students from the hospitality, tourism and other related fields
1-2 Days
9-24 Participants per Set

Learning Contents

  • Tpyical business processes of a franchise company
  • Value-added process
  • Financial indicators such as P&L Account, Balance Sheet, Return on Investment,…
  • Calculating Contribution margins
  • Typical management tasks such as customer relations, complaints, short-term cancellations, additional costs,…
  • Typical KPIs for operative controlling, for example different capacity ratios
  • Distribution channels and target group management

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