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The Business Simulation Factory

Experience Business Administration Basics practically

Imparting entrepreneurial thinking and acting with fun! At the Business Simulation FACTORY participants simulate a typical production company and learn more about its control levers to improve the business results.

The participants get new insights into business decisions and measures as their task is to lead the company. Through its pratical relevance the business simulation enables a new access to business administration – buzz words are explained easily and participants learn with fun.

Motivate your participants for their upcoming tasks and strenghten your team spirit!

What your participants learn

  • Clarify the connection between process optimization and business results
  • Reinforcing entrepreneurial thinking of employees
  • Communicate the significance of key performance indicators and financial reports like P&L Account and Balance Sheet
  • Improve team spirit and communication skills through the interaction during the business simulation
1-2 Days
9-24 Participants per Set

Learning Contents

  • Financial economy basics
  • Challenges in your company
  • Lead your company to success
  • Current and  non-current assets, short term and long term liabilities, financial statement including P&L and Balance Sheet, Return on Assets and Cash Flow and many more
  • Reinforcing entrepreneurial thinking of participants
  • Comprehending the interdependency of production, supply and distribution
  • Understanding the impact of overhead costs such as administration, marketing, research and development

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