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ELECCTRIFY – Online Business Training

Experiencing Business Acumen in a fun, digital and interactive way

At our Online Training ELECCTRIFY your participants experience management thinking and entrepreneurial spirit in a fun and playful way. The Online Seminar conatins an exciting web based business simulation: your participants play the role of the CEO of an E-Bike-Manufacturer. They work in small groups and have the task to develop a business success strategy over several game rounds.

Within the online simulation training they have to make many business decisions. They face typical business challenges and expand ther financial know-how. The seminar is competition based, so your participants will be motivated very easy by themselves – if you play a game, you also want to win!

individual Duration
You decide how long the training will last. We recommend to run the training as crash course seminar (2-3 days) oder as modular training with several sessions within 4-8 weeks.
Online or Blended Learning
The seminar can be implemented as Online Training only or Blended Training. Training elements such as introduction and conclusion can also be held within classroom events.
Special mixed method approach
The Seminar combines various coaching methods: a web based Online Simulation including interactive team works, theoretical input and if you wish individual Live Coaching Sessions.

What do you participants learn?

  • The participants get know the influencing factors for growth, sales, product development, production and finance
  • The participants experience the impact of strategic management on the success
  • The participants learn to keep an eye on the whole company making decisions
  • The participants are motivated to deal with entrepreneurial thinking intensively
  • The online simulation shows complex reality processes in a clear and simpley way in order to guarantee an exciting learning experience
Crash Course (2-3 days) oder Modular (4-8 weeks)
2-4 people per team (up to 10 teams)
individual customizations
Complexity: high
Competition Based
Web Based Online Simulation

Decisions & Control Levers

  • Products & Prices
  • Marketing budget
  • Employee capacities (hirings and dismissals) in administration, sales, production and R&D
  • Wages and salaries
  • Selection of suppliers and procurement
  • Investments into buildings, machines, equipment and operating materials
  • Production volume/ output
  • Expenses for qualification, R&D, quality, maintenance, sustainability
  • Loan raising
  • Buying securities

Schedule of the Training

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