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Discover specific Business Games for more than 15 industries. Build up business administration Know-How combined with individual issues of your industry. Out of more than 30 business games, discover the simulation that fits your needs best!

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Individual Business Games for your processes, products and strategies.


The Business Game Agriculture shows economical processes within an agriculture business.
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In the Business Game Car World economical processes are shown by value carriers and model cars. The participants learn financial key indicators  within an automobile business with fun.
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Banking & Finance

The Business Game Bank Emotion. >>> Ask for more information

The Business Game Fit For Rating. >>> Ask for more information

The Business Game Inside Retail Banking >>> Ask for more information

City Management

The Business Game City Management prepares employees and decision-makers within the city government for financial decisions.
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Crafts Business

Top Craft is a business simulationin which the participants run a craft business and experience in a vivid way business fundamentals.  Topcraft is played in teams of three tofour people.
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The Business Game DIY-Market-Manager shows how to make successful economical decisions. The participants have the task to lead their DIY-Market to financial success.
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Event Industry

The focus of TopEvent are the processes within an event agency: From order acquisition, to pitch planning, plan and implemen projects and follow-ups.
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Gastronomy & Catering

The business game Food & Beverage Professional simulates internal processes within a catering  business. The participants experience the impact of financial indicators on the companys success interactively.

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The Business Simulation Hospital illustrates administrative processes in a hospital in a hands-on descriptive way.
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Hotel Business

The business game Hotel Manager simulates a hotel business. The participants experience typical processes of the hotel industry and have to handle various challenges in order to lead their business to success. Will they find the right measures to improve the business results?

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Logistic Industry

The Business Game Logistic World. >>> Ask for more information

The Business Game Parcel Logistic. >>> Ask for more information

The Business Game World Logistics. >>> Ask for more information

Power / Energy Industry

Power Station simulates a liberalised power supply market depicting the basic influences of various factors and their effect on business results. Participants run a power supply company for one day and their actions are measured by investors through the Shareholder Value.
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Print Industry

The haptic simulation Print Manager simulates the economic relationships in a print and media company, which is in competition with other companies.
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Production Industry

Factory allows the participants to sit in the management seat. They receive a different perspective on performance related issues. This leads to an immediate understanding and acceptance of basic business practices and concepts.
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Global Strategy is a General Management Simulation used to impart economical know-how and entrepreneurial solutions. In small groups the participants compete against each other at the global market. They have to consider many aspects in order to lead their company to success.
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Value Manager is a competitive business game where the participants have to lead an international manufacturing company. It combines business administration basics and strategic management knowledge in order to find a successful business strategy. Which team will perform best?
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Real Estate

The Business Simulation Real Estate Manager simulates the financial regulations and the economical relations of this business area. It imparts in a demonstrative kind the specific economical basics.
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Retail and Wholesale

The Retail Manager simulation is played in teams of 3 to 5 participants.  Participants manage a trading company over 2 game sequences. They deal with handling material procurement, delegating staff, launching marketing campaigns and dealing with suppliers and banks.
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The Business Game Profit Pilot. >>> Ask for more information

The Business Game Safe in Sales. >>> Ask for more information

The Business Game SalesACTivity. >>> Ask for more information

Service Industry

SERVICE WORLD COMPETITION simulates a service company. The participants work together in small groups and develop their own business strategy. Then the groups compete against each other for customers and markets. Which team will find the best way to bring the company to success?
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The Business Game Service World>>> Ask for more information

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