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Hotel Industry

Developing Success Factors of a Hotel Business in a Playful Way

In our hotel simulations the relationship between cause and effect of financial decisions are shown clearly. Participants learn about the important indicators to run a hotel and catering business successfully.

They have to make decisions and enforce measures in order to answer important questions such as ‘how can we improve our business results?’, ‘where are hidden potentials?’ or ‘how do we handle short-term cancellations?’ 

With our haptical business games you make sure your participants deal with the topics intensively as they become activ interactively. Playing motivates them to win and strenghtens the team spirit!

Discover Business Games for the Hotel & Gastronomy Industry


The business game Hotel Manager simulates a hotel business. The participants experience typical processes of the hotel industry and have to handle various challenges in order to lead their business to success. Will they find the right measures to improve the business results?
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The business game Food & Beverage Professional simulates internal processes within a catering  business. The participants experience the impact of financial indicators on the companys success interactively.
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