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Project Management

Hands-on Project Management Experiences with Fun!

With Business games for project management your employees, managers or students gather practical experiences working on projects – without any risks!

Your participants simulate real projects and discover success factors and occurring challenges within the project. They learn more about methods, tools and systems of project management and immediately apply their new skills during the simulation.

Another great component of business games is that your participants improve their soft skills. In order to success they have to focus on their communication and their team concept. Will the teams meet all upcoming challenges and complete the project successfilly?

Discover Business Games for Project Management and Teambuilding


Experiencing a real project simulation without any risks! The participants work in teams and have the task to build an extinguishing system. In order to complete the project successfully they have to meet many challenges. Will they find out that only great teamwork leads to success?
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The project management game especially developed for trainees and students. They learn the basic principles of working in a project in a playful and entertaining way. Simulating a project on a foreign planet the participants have to meet many challenges of successful project management.
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How can one build successful teams? Which aspects influence the strategy on building teams? At Team Management Systems the participants learn how teams work best: assembling many individual aspects to aim the goals of teams.
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