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The Method of Business Games

What are business games?

Everyone who has no practical experience with business game hesitates at the word “game” and directly thinks about party games, like ludo or bingo.

That’s quite okay, because this is actually how business games started: as a replication of reality in a “mini format”.
Games and simulation which have an economic background have nothing to do with common party games! They are interactive and innovative learning methods, which effectively transfer knowledge and experience.

Why do you need business games?

When it comes to learning complicated subjects, there is often a lack of practical application.
Participants at a business game at the other hand understand the complexity and the meanings of their actions immidiatly. This is due to their hands-on experiences and their active participation at the business game. With the trainers support they understand and remember the most important rules of economics with fun!

I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.

– Confucius

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